Author’s Log: Naughty and Nice Edition (& #ROW80)


In honor of the holiday season, I bring you my own lists for Naughty and Nice:

The Naughty:

1. Errrr…I totally forgot to blog last week. Sorry, guys. I’ve been in a mad rush to get FALLEN ANGEL up on Amazon for pre-order. *shame*

2. I also skived off a bit to play Dragon Age: Inquisition. Because it’s shiny, and new, and Bioware tells some seriously good stories. I admit to being a little iffy on this latest installment at first, but then plot points started to kick in, I got used to the new controls (more or less–still a pain, but manageable), and I started a romance storyline. Because you get that with Bioware. And I am absolutely OBSESSESED with how Bioware writes their romance/character arcs.

I can put gaming down as “craft”, right? o_O

3. The allergy monster comes and goes. It is a fickle little devil–worse, sometimes, than my Infernal Editor–and I never know when the little $%#@! is going to strike. It has also won much more I would care to admit, the bugger. Nothing but coal this year for you, pal.

4. I should be balancing more. And I haven’t. I’m usually really good about this, but–I think because I push myself so hard during the rest of the year–that by the end I simply feel “done”. I should be practicing my piano and violin more (I love love LOVE music), but I’m not. Other than doing everything possible to get FALLEN out the door on time, I’ve haven’t been very productive. Fortunately for me, it’s been slow at the No-Longer Evil Day Jobbe, so I can make up for lost time.

My energy looks like that sad little Christmas tree from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.


The Nice:

1. I am officially in Post-Production of FALLEN ANGEL. This means about one more pass on the story, formatting, cover art, and jacket copy. This makes me vera, vera happa. *Snoopy dance*

2. Christmas shopping is now a completed quest. I do it all online–no muss, no fuss. And this year I even managed not to go over budget. YAY!!

3. BRIGHID’S FLAME is now up for Pre-Order on Amazon. It is incredibly satisfying to see my portfolio of published works–both traditional and independent–growing in number and skill. Time to get review copies out to my guys. 😀

4. I have a week off coming up at the end of the year. The week of New Year’s is scheduled off the the No-Longer Evil Day Jobbe. It’s the Tech Monkey’s birthday that week, so I will construct the annual Epic Lasagna in his honor. We’re also planning on seeing Into The Woods (one of my favoritist musicals EVER) with friends. Otherwise, it will be a week of PJs, Netflix, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.



1. Release FALLEN ANGEL into the wild. On schedule once more, and in the home stretch.

2. Finish revisions on THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER. 30k to go still, not undoable, as that adds up to nine chapters. (I am very particular/logical in how I structure my stories. As in, there is actual math and pleasing patterns of 3 involved. Because reasons.

Nerdy reasons.

Don’t judge me.

3. Finish drafting SEARCHER. Slightly less doable by 12/31. These are fresh words that must be splattered onto the page, comprised of blood, sweat, and tears. But that’s okay–January is usually a cleanup month for me. And I still have that week off coming up.

4. Draw up Production Schedule for 2015.As always, I’m looking forward to planning for the new year. It’s gonna be a busy (and, hopefully, productive) one. Here’s an idea of what I have to accomplish:

  • Get MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER ready for querying.
  • Complete Keepers of the Flame #5 (Holy Wow, I’m already on Book 5?!)
  • Submit Keepers of the Flame #4 to Editor Awesome.
  • Complete Keepers: Origins #3.
  • Revise SEARCHER.
  • Draft the next fantasy novel on my docket.
  • Complete Power of Three #1 (new novella series) for Publisher Amazing.
  • Complete and release the Blood and Steam series (3 novellas, independent)
  • Officially Launch BRIGHID’S FLAME on March 17.
  • Release a Waking Muse boxset for Valentine’s Day.

And, of course, I want to get more piano and violin in there somewhere. And more reading. And the Firefly online game is coming out in Spring. And…well, ALL THE THINGS, apparently.

Okay, your turn–how you guys wrangling the Home Stretch?



One thought on “Author’s Log: Naughty and Nice Edition (& #ROW80)

  1. Denise D. Young says:

    Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has a business plan/writing schedule for the upcoming year. It makes me feel so much more prepared going into the new year.

    Good luck with your upcoming releases!

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