Author’s Log: Cleanup On Aisle 2014 (& #ROW80)


I’m obsessed with planning. Ob-SEEEEEEEEEESED. I love love LOVE having A Plan. In fact, I feel considerably decapitated-chicken-like without one, because I’m just flailing all over the place. And believe me, me flailing about like a demented muppet is NOT a pretty sight.

So. Planning. Yeah.

I came up with a viable production plan for 2015 (which I’m certain I’ll explode at least seven times during the course of the year). Drafting will be pretty crazy until November, since I’m adding a new series for Samhain, but this will (hopefully) be tempered by adding a month to my Production cycle to allow more time for editorial revisions and BETA readers. By stretching this out, drafting should become more manageable.

Stop laughing. No, really. That’s not nice.

The other thing is, I really want to write more Flash Fiction, and have time off for good behavior piano and violin study.

Thanks to the generosity of my new(ish) boss at the No-Longer-Evil Day Jobbe, I now have the means to dedicate a certain amount of money each month towards a Production budget for the independent side of my business. This means I can now farm out for professional cover art as well as more edits from The Pink Hammer.


Here’s What I’ve Got Left For 2014:

  • MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (fantasy novel): Almost done. I’m finding the Evernote is become invaluable to me lately, since not only am I seeing the text in a different format (making Things That Need Fixing pop out much more easily, but I can access it from pretty much anywhere, including my phone. Also, I REALLY love the third act of this book, especially the end battle.
  • Keepers: Origins #3: Complete Drafting. I’ve got this scheduled for the last week of December into the New Year, since I’ll be off that week. I should be able to manage the 10-12K words needed for this short. I put this ahead of finishing the drafting on SEARCHER because it has a definite release date scheduled and I want to get ahead of the game.

Drafting Schedule for 2015 (Subject to Change–A Lot):

  • JAN: SEARCHER–Act III (fantasy novel)
  • FEB: Blood & Steam #1 (Steampunk novella)
  • MAR: Power of Three #1 (UF novella)
  • APR: DRAGON’S HEART–Act I (fantasy novel)
  • MAY: Blood & Steam #2
  • JUN: Keepers #5 (apocalyptic fantasy novella)
  • AUG: Blood & Steam #3
  • SEP: Power of Three #2

Nov and Dec will be dedicated toward planning for the next year, and revising/prepping for submission on novel-length projects. And, of course, cleanup for anything I’ve fallen behind on. At some point I’ll also have to draft the origins stories for Keepers 4 & 5. I really want to stay ahead of the game over the next year or two, so that I’m never feeling rushed at any point.

Also in 2015 I’ll be querying THE MINTREL’S DAUGHTER, which could, potentially, blow all of this up at any point. It will also, however, keep me busy during the Dread Waiting/Rejection period. *bites fingernails*

I’ve found I can reliably produce 30K new words/month. By separating my drafting between novels, novellas for Publisher Amazing, and novellas to be released independently, I’m giving equal attention to the three sides of my business. 30K words equates to one novella or one Act of a novel.

This is all penciled in at this point, of course, because–as we all know–Life tends to Happen. But if I can continue to draft around 10K per week most weeks, then I should be in business.

Your turns, folks–what do you have left to cleanup for the year, and what are you looking forward to accomplishing next year?


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