Author’s Log: The Stating of the Goals, 2015 Edition (& #ROW80)


*Eyes 2015 Production Shedule*


So I think this year’s catch phrase for me will be “Words, words, words…” 2015, for me, will be all about the Production. I’m still in that phase of creating a mountain’s worth of content, so I have an inventory to work with.

I did a lot last year. I finished my fantasy novel, THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER. I indie-published a short and three novellas. I trad pubbed another novella, and got another one off the ground for release in March 2015. Yet another has been completed for submission, also this year.

This year, I aim to do more, which is why the long haitus over the holidays. I needed a week + of pj-clad laziness and reboot my system for the new year. It’s gonna be a big one y’all. IF I can pull it off. To whit:

  • Submit Keepers of the Flame #4 and complete Keepers #5.
  • Complete Keepers of the Flame: Origins #3 short in anticipation of the release of Keepers #3, BRIGHID’S FLAME, in March.
  • Complete the first novella in my new UF series, Power of Three, for trad pub.
  • Complete my Steampunk novella series, Blood & Steam, for indie release later this year (3 books).
  • Complete and Revise my second fantasy novel, SEARCHER.
  • Draft another fantasy novel, DRAGON’S HEART.
  • Reformat all previously released indie titles and widely distribute.
  • Get a Waking Muse box set off the ground for Valentine’s Day.

If that weren’t enough, I got smacked between the eyes with a plot bunny yesterday. Not during the entire week I was off work and on writing haitus, oh no. YESTERDAY. As in SUNDAY, just hours before I gear up again for a wild and crazy new year. At, like, 3:00 in the afternoon.


So with my Divine Muse and Infernal Editor clearly in cahoots, at some point I have to find time to write down everything I know about the story (or THINK I know, at any rate), and drop it into my story queue for later development. It looks like it’s going to shape up to be contemporary romance, novella length. Small townish, maybe? Cowboy, with a side of sweet? I kind of like the idea of getting another Heart Linked title out this year, but we’ll see.

So. Sooooooooooo. How am I going to accomplish all this, you ask?

With planning. Lots and lots of planning.



1. Draft 30K words per month.

    That’s the equivalent of one novella or 1/3 of a fantasy novel per month. I’m shooting for 100K words by March 31. Yowza! o.O

2. Prep THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER for query.

EEP!! This means getting the first act polished to absolute perfection. Granted, the whole manuscript, by now, is in really excellent shape. Certainly better than I anticipated. I REALLY love the ending on this thing–having been away from it awhile, my whole heart was pumping frantically in that I CAN’T BELIEVE I WROTE THIS!! way that I occassionally suprise myself with. I wouldn’t be ashamed to submit fulls as is, but now I’m being REALLY nitpicky and OCD. That means the first pages, the first chapters, and the entire first Act is going to get the full benefit of my gimlet-eyed glare before ANYTHING goes out. This is a BIG, BIG milestone for me, y’all. I also have to write a synopsis at some point.

3. Format and Complete a Waking Muse box set.

‘m hoping this will be the work of a weekend, but I’m been thwarted before. The cover art may also prove to be challenging, but I’ve got time to figure it out.

Your turn, guys–what do you want to accomplish this year or round? Do you have A Plan?



4 thoughts on “Author’s Log: The Stating of the Goals, 2015 Edition (& #ROW80)

  1. theworld4realz says:

    Good luck! I’m attempting 500 words per day, with hopes of completing my WIP by June 30, 2015. Similar to your hope to BE PRODUCTIVE, my one-word theme of the year is COMPLETION. We can do this!

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