Author’s Log: In Which Life Happens (& #ROW80)


Words Drafted This Week: 3,101 (65,364/90,000–73% Complete!)
Best Count:
Favorite Line:
In that single, chilling instant, Ana’s entire world shifted like a wheeling horse pawing at the sky.”

This was my first week back at the Day Job. But I was largely fine with this. I love my day job (now, thanks to a change in duties/supervisor), which leaves me a surfeit of mental energy to write. My last boss, in addition to a former, toxic co-worker, combined to provide a epic level psychic vampirism that had to be seen to be believed. The result of which I had very little capacity left to create. The best part of coming back, however, was the lack of waffles in my diet. I made the mistake of getting the Tech Monkey a waffle maker for Christmas, because he’s always wanted one. I spent my week off awash in waffles. I am now over the waffle extravaganza.

Speaking of the Tech Monkey, he got laid off this week. Or, at least, he got notice of being laid off in a couple of weeks. We suspected this was coming, as the building where he works was coming up for lease again in a year, but we thought we had more time to plan. But they’re reorganizing, and are looking to hire a full-time tech (he’s part time, as he’s working his way through school). We’ll know more on Monday (tomorrow, as of this posting), and he’s working with a counselor to switch to a cheaper, better option for school. Luckily we weren’t counting on his job for household income, so this isn’t the end of the world. It’s even possible he may be able to take on the full time tech job, if his final classes will be online.

I am totally digging Evernote right now. It’s really helping me keep things organized, especially since I picked up their weekly paper planner and matching journal. Because I have the web app at work as well as the phone app for my Android, it’s easy for me to sync between work and home. Got a plot bunny? Do brain dump and paste it into Evernote for later development. Characters talking in your subsconscious while working reports at work? Jot it down and put it in Evernote, and access it when you get home. Want to work on revisions in your lunch hour? Attach it or copy/paste into Evernote to peg away at. Struck by inspiration at 3:00am? Groggily jot it down in the Android app while your phone charges on the bedside table. It really is a great tool for us inveterate multi-taskers. I write stuff in both notebooks all the time, all day long–and you can actually upload stuff from the paper notebooks to your Android app.

In the grand scheme of things, I would probably prefer One Note, but I don’t have a web + Android app I can sync for it (get on it, Microsoft). Evernote, though it looks different, performs the same function. There have been times I’ve gotten ahead of my drafting because I’ve had some down time at work or used my lunch hour to get a few hundred words written–especially useful if I’ve broken through a plot block. I do the drafting in a word doc, copy/paste into Evernote, and then when I get home copy/paste from Evernote into Scrivener.

Okay, so this is probably another post altogether. So I’ll jot it down in my handy-dandy Evernote planner as one more item in a long list of adminny-things To Do and not worry about it again until it comes time to draft it. 😀


1. Drafting: SEARCHER–Act III.

I’m ramping up for the final battle/confrontations, which I’m looking forward to writing, as this is when get to hint at ALL THE SECRETS. I had to go back to a previous scene to write some additional dialogue, but now I’m back on track. As fast as this book tends to flow from my fingertips, and with all the political intrigue, I tend to get ahead of myself. This week I got my hero and heroine together, so YAY. Owain is so intense and swoon-worthy, that I really love writing scenes between him and Ana. I have a soft spot for a good brood, I admit.

2. Prep THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER for query.

I’ve got my query letter written and revised, and I’ve put it away for a final polishing. I’m also ironing out any remaining wrinkles in the first Act, stuff that evaded my previous attempts. This is why it’s so important to put a story away for awhile and come back to it fresh. Just as importantly, there comes a point when you must stop tinkering and just get the dang blasted thing out there. I’m striving to strike a balance. By taking it slow (about a chapter per day), and keeping focused on the task at hand (white noise but no music, etc), I think the manuscript will really shine by the time I’m done. I can then give Acts II and III the same treatment.

3. Post-Production: Waking Muse box set.

So it seems I neglected to remove both LADY TENNANT and HEARTH & HOME from KDP Select/Unlimited in December when I uploaded FALLEN ANGEL in December, so I’m stuck for another 90 days. I’ll still get the Scrivener files ready to go for regular Amazon release in Feb, and then I’ll widely distribute everything at the beginning of April when I’m free and clear. In the meantime, if anyone wants free review copies of any of the books, contact me.

Okay, ROW-ers–how did your first week go?




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