Author’s Log: In Which There Is Much Excitement (#amwriting #ROW80)


Weekly Stats (Sun-Sat):       

Words Drafted: 3,286 (69,630/90,000=77% Complete)
Best Word Count: 1,612
Words/Day Avg to Meet Goal: 1,525

This Week We’re Getting A New Dishwasher—YAY!!

We haven’t had one for a few weeks. Can I say washing dishes by hand when you don’t have a partitioned sink SUCKS? This is especially true when the vast majority of your dishes, including pots and pans, are restaurant grade. (One of our pasta pots resembles the size/capacity of the water reservoir of a water tower. And don’t even talk to me about cast iron. Because UGH.)

I Am Totally In Love With Miss Fisher Mystery Series.

Anyone else watching this? It’s a series of murder mysteries that takes place in 1920s Australia and it is Fuh-MAZING. Phryne Fisher is now my own personal hero, in personality and fashion, and I may or may not have developed a mild tendre for Chief Inspector Jack Robinson, who is dashing and kind and very deadpan funny. I love their scenes together, especially when Phryne flusters Jack on purpose. *makes note to write a Jack Robinson character immediately*


Kyle McLachlan is will be reprising Dale Cooper in 2016!

Let me say it again, for those in the nosebleeds.


*falls over*


My Wish List for Twin Peaks 2016:

  1. David Lynch reprises his role as Charming Captain McShouty-Pants Gordon.
  2. Audrey returns as lovely as ever.
  3. David Duchovney also reprises his role. IN DRAG.
  4. Dream Sequences! Log Lady!! ACK!!!

Yeah, so I’m a wee bit excited about this. But only a little.

😀 😀 😀


  1. Draft 30K Words Every Month. (SEARCHER—Act III)

My goal is to draft the equivalent of 1500 words/day for the rest of the month to meet this goal. Usually, I can generally count on significant down time at the Day Job to get some wordsmithing and admin out of the way but that hadn’t happened much this month due to Other Things. However, I’m not quite behind as of yet, as long as I keep up the momentum I have going at this point. Hope springs eternal, as ever.

As far as SEARCHER is concerned, I am laying the ground work for the Final Game. (Significant court intrigue in this one—lots of fun to write.) Owain is about to go to war, leaving Ana more vulnerable than she realizes. But she’s a fighter, our girl, and she’s about to discover her greatest power yet. This scene is one I’ve been looking forward to writing since almost the beginning, so I’m building the layers now to set it up.


Omigosh—so close to this one, guys. I’m literally in the final stages of polishing and in the process of synopsizing, so even if I don’t need a synopsis for my query packets, I’ll have one available upon request. And the more I go over this story, the more I absolutely love it. The ending chapters get me every time.

  1. Create/Format a Waking Muse box set.

I’ve created a new Scrivener file, and am painstakingly getting everything over, going through it as I do so with the benefit of eye of distance/perspective. This is my first box set/omnibus, and I really want to get it right the first time. At this point I’m thinking of creating a single Scrivener file for each of my 3-book indie series, so I don’t have to go through this again every year.

I’m also wondering if I can get enough ahead (by 3 months or so), so that I can release Book 1 of a series in March, Book 2 in June, Book 3 in September, and then the box set in time for Christmas. Possible? Soitenly. Probable? That’s another story. I’ll have to think on it further, as my 2015 schedule is pretty well locked in at this point.

Your turn guys! Are you a Twin Peaks fan? Are you looking forward to its return in 2016?


6 thoughts on “Author’s Log: In Which There Is Much Excitement (#amwriting #ROW80)

  1. Michelle says:

    You seem to have quite a lot going on. I am always impressed by people who can maintain 1500, or higher, per day word count. Keep up the good work. Good luck on your goals from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. catemorgan says:

      I once wrote around 6 or 7K in one day, to finish drafting The Minstrel’s Daughter–and boy howdy, was I TOASTY by the end! Won’t be doing that again, let me tell you. 🙂

      Personally, my ideal daily word count average would be 3K or so, but I don’t think that’ll happen until I’m writing full time. But progress is progress, right?

  2. alberta says:

    It is a full timetable but you seem to be maintaining momentum – take care of yourself as well – sorry can’t comment on twin peaks never seen it – does that make me a total looser? am from UK does that count – have a good week:)

    1. catemorgan says:

      Sadly, I don’t think Twin Peaks is widely available in the UK, though I believe it’s on Netflix (do you guys get the All and Power ‘Flix that side of the pond?). It’s a weird and wonderful mystery/sci-fish show that was wildly popular back when I was too young to stay up and watch it. I caught it on cable when I was older, tho, and fell hard.

  3. Nicole says:

    Twin peaks isn’t a series I’ve ever really gotten into, so sadly I can’t share your enthusiasm for it. Glad you’re happy, though. 🙂

    I hadn’t ever thought about making one Scrivener file for the whole series, but that makes way more sense than having to copy over the important research files each time you write a new book. Not a bad idea. I think I’ll have to look into that…

    1. catemorgan says:

      Twin Peaks definitely isn’t everyone’s cuppa, Nicole–it’s an acquired taste fo’ sho’. 🙂

      I really wish I’d done one Scrivener file for my Waking Muse series from the get-go. Not only for research notes, but front and back matter, etc. Instead of moving everything over manually, it’s just a check box before you compile for the things you need. I’m looking at utilizing the Collections option as well. Live and learn, I guess!

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