Author’s Log: In The Home Stretch (#ROW80 #amwriting)

Weekly Stats (Sun-Sat):

Words Drafted: 12,214
Best Word Count: 2,492
Words/Day Avg to Meet Goal: 1,165

Favorite Scribbling: (Ana) “If you fall again, I will come for you. I will not sleep. I will not eat. And I will never stop, even if it means challenging the Unnamed himself.”


Dishwasher Delivery Shenanigans:

So we got our new dishwasher this week.

Hijinks promptly ensued.

We ordered from Home Depot, who assured my husband they could take the old machine away. They did not specify we had to uninstall in ourselves, apparently. This meant we got a brand spankin’ new dishwasher, but the delivery people (who contract with Home Depot, but don’t actually work for them), said they didn’t have a pickup on their work order, and in any case the old one hadn’t been uninstalled, and they didn’t have time to wait ten minutes for my husband to manage the uninstall. So they basically left us with a new machine on our doorstep, and we had to arrange pickup for the old one for a week later. (We live on the second floor of a condo complex with two flights of outdoor stairs that are difficult to negotiate when dealing with anything heavy or generally cumbersome, so moving the old machine ourselves was out of the question.)

To make matters even more interesting, the new machine didn’t come with the connections to install the new ones ourselves. Even though it is clearly indicated in the instructions that the connections were included (they were not). So we have to pick up additional parts on top of everything else, and our wee kitchen in our wee condo is now dominated by two dishwashers that do not, in fact, work.

The good news is that when the Tech Monkey showed up in person to Home Depot to get the needed connections, the department head of appliances looked over the online contract and determined that, yes, their online services did indeed mess up, and gave him the needed connections for free.


Downton Abbey:

I finished Season 4 on DVD (Christmas gifts from the hubby). Can I just say that I do NOT approve of what the writers put the Adorable Bateses ™  through? I feel like they’ve earned their right to their happiness by now and it should stay that way. Kudos for John, though, for how he handled the situation. I heartily approve of couples who don’t feel it necessary to tear one another down as a source of conflict. I fell in love with John for sneaking Anna dinner in bed when she was sick in Season 1, and these two haven’t disappointed me once. Brendan Coyle is such a generous and crafted actor (but understated) that I delight seeing him in anything on screen.

Also, I really REALLY want to witness Thomas’ downfall, cause I know it’ll be a good one. (Altho he went up a notch in my estimation when he used his powers for good in ousting that horrible Nanny.)

 Miss Fisher Murder Mystery Series:

I finished the second season, during which I shrieked at Jack at least once an episode to kiss Miss Phryne. He came close a couple times, to the point of being interrupted by Aunt P. This is when I shrieked the loudest, on par with Captain Kirk. NOOOOOOOOOO!! ::FLAIL::

So I started book one of the series to tide me over until Season 3. I’m really hoping the romantic tension between Phryne and Jack is there, and not just a product of the show. It’s all I can do to stop myself exploding. Also, I have started refreshing my wardrobe with vintage-type pieces because I adore the way Phryne dresses.

Oh, hey, look—Goals!

  1. DRAFT 30K WORDS/MONTH: SEARCHER (81,844/90,000= 91% Complete!)

Drafting went pretty well this week, I think. I had a two-day total of around 4,100 words, and a couple of days of not-quite hitting my goal, so in the end it all evens out in the end. As long as I stay on task I should hit my goal by Jan 31. One of my antagonists got taken out this week, Ana is fast discovering her powers, both in Court and in her own person, and Owain is off to war to face an ancient enemy as well as treachery within his own ranks. Things are just starting to go right, which, of course, means I must mess things up as quickly and badly as possible.


Can I just say I hate writing synopses? UGH. I’ve decided to write these at the BEGINNING of a project so I can also use it as a pseudo-outline. That way it becomes a part of my Pre-Production process instead of post, when I’m trying to get everything else together. Any significant plot changes I make in the book can then be adjusted in the synopsis. End of grief. The problem is, even if you don’t need a synopsis as part of a query or submission packet, you still may end up needing it later, even if it’s not on the publisher’s or agent’s website. I’d much rather be proactive about this in future, especially if it keeps me on track during drafting.


This is coming slowly but surely. I also need to get cover art together and (maybe) thinking about a print version. The problem is, I really don’t want to format for print myself, so I’m investigating book formatters. I’m targeting indie authors who offer this sort of thing as a side-service to supplement their writing income. I’d much rather support someone who needs the business than a business who has all the work they need and more, even if it means paying a little extra.


You’re up! How’s your Round 1 of 2015 going thus far? What are you watching and loving right now?


7 thoughts on “Author’s Log: In The Home Stretch (#ROW80 #amwriting)

  1. John Holton says:

    We just got a new dishwasher from Home Depot as well, and everything went smoothly. I think a lot of it is having a good salesperson, because there are so many details (the installation kit, arranging for the uninstall and install, etc.). What kind did you get?

    We watch Miss Fisher when we catch it; we have two PBS stations, but have trouble receiving the one the show is usually on. We like it.

    Looks like things are moving along apace on the writing front. Continued success there!

    1. catemorgan says:

      We ended up with a Whirlpool, which we really like (now that it’s in). Hubs and I agreed we’re going in person for appliances in the future instead of going the online route instead, THAT’S for danged sure.

      I’ve started picking up the Miss Fisher books to get my fix in, and am liking them immensely altho there are some significant differences from the show. Ssn 3 airs this year-Hooray!

  2. Jessie Zimmer says:

    Cate, I throughly enjoyed reading your blog. I loved your discussion of the shows you watch. That made my night and now has me intrigued about the Miss Fisher’s mysteries. I hope the dishwasher diabolical gets sorted soon!

    1. catemorgan says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my Geek Girl flailing, Jessie! Being addicted to all things Story Telling, I love dissecting things to see what makes them tick, and to learn accordingly.

      Welcome to the tribe!

      1. Jessie Zimmer says:

        I tend to keep my blog mostly to work / writing related topics, so to see someone who unapologetically put writing and watching TV in the same blog got my brain got all excited. “Oh, I can do that without having to apologize or feel bad about Netflix marathoning shows? Awesome!”

        Thanks for having me!

  3. alberta says:

    shame about two machines – when things like that go wrong they seem to go badly wrong! hope it is sorted soon:) all the best for this week you seem to be on track pretty well

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