Author’s Log: In Which Hubris Makes Us Her…Something (#ROW80, #amwriting)

Weekly Stats (Sun-Sat):

Words Drafted: 9,143
Best Word Count: 2,578 (Saturday)
Daily Average Needed To Meet Goal: 1,974

Suffered one or two teensy-weensy little setbacks this week. On Monday, I blew off my drafting until later in favor of giving THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER another go-over in anticipation of hearing from agents requesting partials, because I am OCD like that. But Monday evening is one of my evenings off other obligations, so I figured I had plenty time to write that evening.

Silly, silly author.

My laptop wouldn’t boot up when I got home. And I couldn’t even get into it on Safe Mode. This had happened once before, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember how it was resolved. This is still a fairly new laptop, so yeah. That happened.

The Tech Monkey was able to fix it the next day—turned out the battery had been jostled somehow, and needed to be reset. But I missed a day’s drafting as reward for my hubris.

Then, I go back to the MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER, and nothing had been saved. Nothing.

Turns out, you have to “Save As” when opening an attachment from Evernote, rather than just “Save.” Which I had not, in fact, done—though I could have sworn I had. So now I’m going BACK over it. Again.


Moral of the story: Get your damn drafting done when you’re supposed to, idjit.

So my daily average goal has gone up slightly, to make up for the lost day. And on Wednesday night I stayed up ‘til danged near 1:00 am getting my words in, come hell or high water. But I missed out again on Friday, due to Exhaustion and Other Reasons (the working title of my autobiography). Good news is, I’ve got a three-day weekend again this weekend. Catch up day, anyone?

In other news, I’m trying some new promotion for my Waking Muse giveaway for Valentine’s Day, which I kinda wish I’d started it earlier, but there it is. The promotion was free, so I figured: why not? Let’s throw it at the wall to see if it sticks.

What I’m Reading

Garrett Robinson’s Mystic, which is off to a strong start, and Meljean Brook’s Heart of Steel, which I’m enjoying immensely. I’m learning that, while I love Steampunk, the kind of Steampunk that truly speaks to me is the high adventure, with plenty of humor thrown in. Yasmeen in Heart of Steel reminds me forcibly of Isabel in the Dragon Age games, so I’m enjoying her character immensely.

What I’m Watching

Seasons 1-5 of M*A*S*H are on Netflix. These seasons were aired prior to my birth, so I (most likely) haven’t seen any of them, even in reruns. It’s interesting to think that because the Vietnam war was still going on at the time, and was such a sensitive subject, that CBS made the decision to change the setting to the Korean war–and yet, watching the show, there’s clearly some very timely commentary and themes among the whacky shenanigans.

Let’s check out the ol’ quest log, shall we?




Keepers: Origins 3: 10,210/15,000=68% Complete!

This one is coming out longer than I anticipated, so I upped the count and added another week’s worth of drafting to my goal. I’ll readjust as necessary, but I should have no problems getting this out by the end of the month.

Also, the cover art is coming along well, to YAY. The bad news is, I may have to REDO cover art for Keepers: Origins 1 & 2 so that it all looks related. I also need it to look similar to the existing Samhain covers, since it’s all part of the same world/series.

Blood & Steam 1: 11,940/30,000=40% Complete!

As long as I keep up the pace, I should have a working rough draft by the end of the month. I’ve, thus far, completed my first act, and I’m getting ready to (literally) launch my hero into the skies in search of her missing brother. She’s settled a bit from the 18-year-old we meet her as, but she’s no less bold or adventurous. Now it’s several years later, and she’s seeking a ship to take her to Sky City, in the Pyrenees.

Upped the word count on this goal as well, since my chapters are averaging around 3,500 words apiece.



The eBook went up at Amazon for $0.99 this week in time (barely) for Valentine’s Day. This is my first Omnibus, and I’m glad I did it—especially now, as I know to create one Scrivener File for EVERYTHING in future. I’d like to get a print version out there as well, at some point, but I’m done for now. *wipes brow*



Finishing the Waking Muse box set now makes way for me to get a lot done on this one. I’m still in the process of writing down everything I think I know about the story, getting down Big Questions I need to answer before I start drafting, and getting everything arranged into plot points. Novellas are pretty easy to structure, in that one chapter generally = one plot point. It’s this kind of engineering that makes my wittle geeky heart to a little dance.

Your turn to sound off in the comments! How are your writing goals progressing so far this month, and what are you looking forward to writing most?


4 thoughts on “Author’s Log: In Which Hubris Makes Us Her…Something (#ROW80, #amwriting)

  1. Cindy says:

    Been going really well with reading (have read 11 books since the top of the year) and editing (well the novel from NaNo 2014 is taking longer). Not writing a lot in the last month and a half as I wanted to, but still feeling like I have more to show. gearing up to work with my new (and first) CP after Mousetrap is done. SO, overall, doing pretty good!

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