Author’s Log: Kicking Into LOW Gear (For Once) (#amwriting, #ROW80)

Weekly Stats (Sun-Sat):

Words Drafted: 7,056
Best Word Count: 1,991 (Saturday)
Daily Average Needed To Finish Draft: 998

What I’m Doing:

So last month I was speeding ahead on all eight cylinders, and though I came out of February with my tail feathers a bit singed, I’m really pleased by how it went. I completed and released Keepers: Origins #3, and completed a rough draft of Blood & Steam #1. So I took Sunday off this week to refresh myself, and then jumped feet first into THIRTEEN WITCHES (Power of Three #1). But my drafting schedule this month is looking a little more low key. (And a lot less Loki.)


(*falls over*)

I finally, FINALLY got Amazon to match Keepers: Origins books to Perma-Free! So my readers and followers will no doubt be pleased that I’m going to stop begging them to link from other retailers. VIVE LA REVOLUTION! *waves flag*

And don’t forget that next week, on Saint Patty’s, BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3) will be released into the wild from Samhain. Anyone who joins my Speculative Ink newsletter will get a free copy, as well as a copy of Tara’s origin story.

What I’m Reading:

Little to no reading this week, but I totally need to finish some things and catch up on my reviews/ratings. This brings me a deep and abiding sense of shame. *shame*

What I’m Watching:

House of Cards Season 3! SQUEE!!



  1. Draft 30K Words/Month

THIRTEEN WITCHES (Power of Three #1): 7,056/30,000= 24% Complete.



This books is actually one that smacked me between the eyes before more or less mainlined itself directly into my brainy bits a few months ago. I did an outline to sort of tell the story to myself and fill in what few blanks there were (I had a blank spot between Midpoint and Plot Point 2 that was causing me some trouble), and then dove right in to drafting on Monday.

  1. Revise Blood & Steam #1

This week I sent up the Pink Hammer signal and set a start date for her edits on B&S 1, which will be April 1. This means I need to REVISE REVISE REVISE. Big time. I spent pretty much the entire time drafting this bad boy on a severe adrenaline high, so I know it’s going to need some work. I want to make it as smooth as possible before handing it over to be hammered into shape.

Also, April 1 will be the day I launch the sales page for this book, which means things are going to be moving into high gear sooner rather than later.

  1. New Cover Art/Formatting

This week I uploaded new cover art for Keepers: Origins #1 AND IT’S SO PRETTY. I’m really, really pleased with the way it turned out. Seriously, it makes the old cover look like a used, crumpled candy wrapper someone left in their pocket for a number of years. Also, the cover makes the book look like it actually belongs to the same series as Keepers of the Flame, from my publisher. This makes me vera, vera happa.

Next, I’ll be giving Keepers: Origins #2 the same treatment. Then, I’ll format both books for re-release. I also need to tweak the back matter on all three Origins stories. *whew*

Sound off in the comments, guys! What are you looking forward to accomplishing in March?


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