Author’s Log: Just Keep Writing (#amwriting, #ROW80)

Weekly Stats (Sun-Sat):
Words Drafted: 4,802
Best Day:
2,796 (Saturday)
Average Daily Count to Complete Draft:

So I spent a lot of time revising this week. A LOT.

I ended up going through THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER again, because Reasons. Some of which may or may not be related to OCD and a healthy dose of paranoia. Which, in my book, means diligence, a lot of tea, and an all-day polishing session ending in a midnight crunch. But well worth it, because I ended up finding some things that did NOT need to be viewed by Very Important People.


*casually taps delete key multiple times*

In the end, I was able to shave about 3K in Unnecessary Shenanigans from the final manuscript. So YAY.

I’m still keeping a fairly steady drafting schedule on THIRTEEN WITCHES (Power of Three #1), however, so we’re still on schedule Production-wise.

And, let’s not forget, BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3) is being released from Samhain this Tuesday. Double YAY!

Also this week, I was devastated to hear Terry Pratchett passed away. He was one of my very favorite authors, and Discworld was one of my very favorite series. My first book of his was Maskerade, from the Witches cycle. I remember laughing myself breathless when Nanny Ogg, clad in an overly stretched pink tutu and hobnailed boots, danced an enthusiastic hornpipe amid a line a tall, twinkly-toed ballerinas.

It’s largely Discworld, and that scene, that honed the humor I use in my own books. It was through Discworld I discovered Good Omens, and the incomparable Neil Gaiman.

This makes me a very sad panda, indeed.


1. Draft 30K/Month


Power of Three #1: 11,858/30,000=40% Complete!

I got all the way through to the Big Reveal this weekend, so my readers are ahead of my characters at this point. The idea is to compel them forward to Kat finding out where her sister is, and going a little crazy trying to get her back. Which, of course, then ramps up to the end fight.

2. Revise Blood & Steam #1


I’ve contracted The Pink Hammer for an editing session beginning in April, so I’m hard at work getting my draft up to scratch. I’ve already done one pass, and I’ll do at least two more before the end of the month.

I did decide on some significant rewrites for the first act, however. I started with the sisters quite a bit younger, but for a novella-length work this isn’t really working. So I found my way around a road block, character-wise, to making them the ages they truly need to be so I’m off with the wrenches and hammers to fix this issue, and anything else affected by it.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you find yourself butting up against a block of some kind, it doesn’t have to stymy you. Just keep writing what you do know, and a resolution will either a) present itself further along in the story, or b) one you finish, you can go back to the block and examine the thing from all angles. But, above all, DON’T STOP WRITING.

3. New Cover Art/Reformatting

This week, I finished the new cover art for Keepers: Origins #2. I still need to get all three reformatted ASAP, now that I’m perma-free all over the place, including Amazon.

Next, I turn my attention to the Waking Muse series.

Okay, fellow ROW-ers, your turn! What was your first Terry Pratchett book? What’s your favorite book memory of him?





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