Author’s Log: That Thing I Meant To Do (#ROW80, #amwriting)

ACACIA-Coming SoonHey, guys! I hope you had a safe, fun, and happy Easter last weekend. Just a quickie check-in today, since I’m in the final stretch of a draft, which invariably makes me feel vague Cheshire Cat-like.

So I didn’t end up getting much in the way of new words drafted this weekend, despite all my lofty plans. I think my brain just needed a rest, honestly. I did, however, end up muscling my way through a plot problem in THIRTEEN WITCHES.

It occured to me the character arc for Michael was okay, but not great. So I added another layer to his backstory to make him more three-dimensional, so I’ll start folding that in now and then go back during revisions to lay in the ground work. Now he and Kat both have something to work toward on a personal level, with deeper character development. It only goes to show that no matter how much you think you know about a character, it never hurts to know more before you start drafting, no matter what you end up using in the end.

I also sketched out the plot of a new fantasy novel, which I am calling DRAGON’S HEART. I also outlined the first act, and even penned a short prologue to this ambitious piece. So there’s that. All in all, it was a good weekend to let my subconscious do the heavy lifting while my forebrain indulged in a Netflix marathon.

The other thing I did was complete a proof for the cover art for Blood & Steam #1. IT’S SO PRETTY! In fact, I’d say it’s my best/favorite cover to date. It all came about because I was trying to do this Thing, which would not work for me no matter what I tried, so I did this Other Thing instead, and it turned out differently than I anticipated, but Much Cooler in the end. (So, like writing, basically.)

I played a bit more, and ended up with Awesome Cover. Now I just need to do the textifying (titling, etc), and we’re good to go. Book the First is due to be released at the end of June. I’m playing around with the idea of pre-orders, and whether I should go Kindle Select the first 90 days.


Let’s take a took at what I’m aiming to draft this quarter/round:

1. DRAGON’S HEART (Act I): 30k Words

2. KEEPERS: ORIGINS 5: 10-15k Words

3. KEEPERS OF THE FLAME #5: 27-30k Words

4. BLOOD & STEAM #2: 27-30k Words

Naturally, this includes all the pre-production work as well, and post-production for some of the Quarter 1 stuff: re-releasing the Waking Muse collection across platforms, re-releasing Keepers: Origins with the new formatting, launching Blood & Steam #1. Also, revisions and BETA testing on THIRTEEN WITCHES so I can submit it to Samhain in July.


So, fresh round, fresh season. What are you guys looking to get done?




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