Author’s Log: I’m Baaa-aaaaack!! (#ROW80, #amwriting)

Soooooo….I’m back.

Kinda. Mainly this has been a week of Catch The Hell Up. It’s not working very well, as I seem to still be on California time.

California was surprisingly cool for this time of year. Usually it’s around 10-15 degrees hotter than my part of Florida, but it was unseasonably mild.

The part of California I was in should be pretty. It’s surrounded by three mountain ranges and a multitude canyons. Instead what happens is the pollution produced by LA meanders down to the Inland Empire, creating a constant haze of smog. What should be a clear blue day isn’t, really. Coming back to Florida was almost blinding with all the vivid blues and greens. Also, what had once been a lovely neighborhood surrounded by fields in the sixties is now surrounded by ghetto. Yuck.

(You can keep your White Christmases, Midwest. I’ll take clear blue skies and palm trees on Christmas morning.)

I did, however, get to go to Disneyland for the first time in 20+ years, with my one cousin from that side of my family. She’s all grown up now, so we had tons of fun. We were beyond exhausted by the end of the day, but it was entirely worth it. There was a lot a new things for me to see (having been away for so long), but all the classics were still there. This makes me happy.



I did get a little writing while I was away, though not a lot. I mainly honed my outline for DRAGON’S HEART. This weekend, I’m deep into revisions/rewrites for Blood & Steam 1, which should lead me write into the second book. I’d like to get Books 2 and 3 outlined asap.

After that, it’s off to Keepers: Origins 4 and 5, and Keepers of the Flame 5. (I’m on five books already? How the heck did THAT happen?! O.O)

As far as drafting is concerned, I have no idea how many words I have right now, because they are not yet in the computer. I’m hoping to have a better idea of where I stand later in the week. I’m almost literally buried in words and manuscripts in various stages of progression. I’m still digging myself out, with pickaxe and spelunking helmet in tow.

So what have you guys been up to since I’ve been away? How’s the writing going?




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