Author’s Log: Where The Tired Things Are (#ROW80, #amwriting)


Seriously, though, it’s nice to be more or less caught up at the day job, so I can turn my attention other (and, to my mind, more important) things. Fortunately, I got hit with a large project at work that involves the downloading of many large reports, so I’m back to multi-tasking wherever possible. (I love my job.)

I am deep in the abyss of revisions on Blood & Steam #1. So deep, in fact, I might be in danger of being poked in the eye, never mind the creepy-pants watching. (Seriously, Nietzsche? Where did you come up with this stuff?!) I really should have brought spelunking gear, including one of those helmets with the flashlights built in.

I’m taking care of the small stuff first, to allow my subconscious the time and space to work out the progressively bigger stuff. There’s a LOT of work involved with this one, so much so I’m more than likely going to have to send it back to the Pink Hammer for a second round of pounding and shaping. The pacing on this one is definitely a departure from my previous, tightly-plotted Action & Adventure books, and so requires some serious tightening around the middle.

I still love this story though. I love the world and the characters. But this is what happens when I don’t follow my regular pre-production routine and let my imagination run away with me. Pantsing may be footloose and fancy-free and good enough for a first, messy draft, but it does NOT a book make. Lesson learned.

So while I’m chipping and carving away at Blood & Steam #1, I’m also working out the details for the second book. So I’m way behind on my drafting schedule this quarter, but that’s okay. Keepers 4 is still with Editor Awesome at my publisher, MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER is still being reviewed and queried with various agent-y type people, and so the only book anyone’s waiting on me for is the first installment of Blood & Steam. Sometimes taking a break is good for the ol’ creative juices.

Speaking of which, I’ll be gearing up for Convention Season pretty soon, which means…Costumes!! *haz a happy*

ROW80LogocopyDRAGON’S HEART (Fantasy Novel): Draft ACT I (22,500 words)

This one is a little more rough going during the setup portion than I would like. Usually, my problems come right after Midpoint, in the third 25% of the book, not in the first 25%. But it’s getting there. I’ve been pushing through as best I can, and then going back to fix what I’ve done once I realize what the solution is. It helps that I finally realized what the theme/spine of the story is something that’s been eluding me for awhile. This is important, as it’s the spine that gives a story its voice. And a story’s voice is its soul, because that’s where the music is.

BLOOD & STEAM #1 (Steampunk Novella): In Revision

Or should I say “In Revision HELL”?

Actually, it’s not too bad. Just a LOT of work. Everything’s been pretty much put on hold until I get through a couple more drafts of this one. Hopefully, time and space will open up this next week. And by space, I mean brain power. Because all the time in the world doesn’t do me any good in the abyss of mental exhaustion. MY BRAIN HURTS!

WAKING MUSE (Contemporary Romance Novellas): Rebrand and Re-Release

LADY TENNANT has already been recovered and released widely across platforms at Perma-Free, although I think I want to rewrite my cover copy. In fact, I think I want to rewrite ALL of my cover copy, which I think might help with sales. This week I plan to ready Libby Hawker’s Gotta Read It in preparation of this Herculean task.

This is all just a first couple of things in optimizing everything, so I don’t spend so much time tinkering and poking around the business side of my writing like an iffy car engine that refuses to play nice with an even iffier transmission.

Okay, guys–time to check in. How’s your pre-summer writing going?



2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Where The Tired Things Are (#ROW80, #amwriting)

  1. Katherine Nabity says:

    Abyss of revision… I feel you.
    My husband/often collaborator swears that he loves revisions (and hates starting at the blank page), yet he never seems inclined to do my revisions for me…

    1. catemorgan says:

      I like revisions when the story is solid and in place, and I’m honing everything else around it like a marble sculpture. Full on rewrites cuz I done messed up, however….BLERG.

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