Author’s Log: Getting Back On Track (#amwriting, #amediting, #ROW80)

So I’m kind of proud of myself.

Editor Awesome got back to me regarding Keepers of the Flame #4, and ultimately decided not to go with it after much deliberation, citing sales issues with the subgenre (apocalyptic fantasy) and the declining sales with each book in the series.

Perfectly understandable. It makes business sense for my publisher, especially as these are novellas spaced a year or more apart. The old me might have been devastated, or at least severely disappointed, and I would have had to force myself not to take it personally.

But I’m okay. This was nothing more than a blip in the radar for me. And that is because I’ve currently got enough books in various states of production (a.k.a. The Hopper) to fire off in the meantime. I simply move my Keepers series into the Self-Published lane (i.e. the Fast Lane), and let the next book I’m looking to publish traditionally into Keeper 4‘s place.

I’ve been running my writing business AS a business for the better part of two years now, making sure to create lots of content, and one of the benefits of doing so means I have options. Simply by the law of averages SOMETHING’S gotta hit, and hit hard. Because I’ve striving to get better at my craft and process EVERY TIME. And I’m always busy–certainly too busy to bite my nails over one rejection.

But let me be very clear: I still love my publisher, and my editor there. They’re amazing, and the awesome in the sauce. Sometimes business decisions just have to be made. They made a business decision, not a personal one, and so now I’m making my own business decision as a result, and not a personal one. Savvy?

In additional to all this, I made some personal goals and announced them on Wednesday’s post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, all to do with health and fitness and not just making time to write (that I have), but making the mental energy to write. Because that part I’m not so good at. I’ll check in on that one once a month, so I’m accountable to someone other than just myself.

So there’s that. And, now, there’s goals:

ROW80Logocopy1. Draft DRAGON’S HEART–ACT I: The thing(s) that have been giving me issues in the first part of Act I seem to have been resolved, and I’m back to the frantic typeity-typeity in an effort to catch up. Which is good, because I’m scheduled to skid into Act II next month, so it looks like I’m going to have to start double-drafting again. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. As long as I have a solid outline and the details worked out, I’ll be fine.




2. Rewrite BLOOD & STEAM #1: This week I finished RE-outlining the plot, and managed to disentangle both some especially knotty plot-knots and slay my facing issues in Act II. AND I managed to save my kraken scene, which I was worried about, because what’s Steampunk without krakens?


3. Rebrand Waking Muse: The new cover art for HEARTH & HOME (Waking Muse #2) is nearly complete–it just needs titling and some final polish. On Friday I got started on redoing FALLEN ANGEL (Waking Muse #3).

This weekend I’m going through Libby Hawker’s Gotta Read It in preparation to evaluating and rewriting all my jacket copy.

I really feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things after slogging and flailing around a bit. I’m getting more sleep, which I’m sure is improving things, and I’ve started exercising again. Feel better, do better–that’s my new motto. Right after “Where’s My Boomstick?”

Your turn! How are you guys doing in the run up to summer?



4 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Getting Back On Track (#amwriting, #amediting, #ROW80)

  1. AmyBeth Inverness says:

    Kudos for looking at the setback as just a ‘blip in the radar.’ I’m flat on my face at the moment… after getting several rejections, which is a perfectly normal part of the publishing process, I picked myself up and kept going. Then it hit me, a week or two later. Overwhelming frustration. Still trying to dust myself off, but I might have to wait for the mud to dry first.

    1. catemorgan says:

      It happens to all of us, AmyBeth–even published authors, as you can see! Just hang in there, keep plugging away, and think good thoughts. I’m rooting for you!

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