Author’s Log: Nameless and Confused (#amwriting, #ROW80)

Yeah, it’s been that kind of a week.

You know the one. The one where you’ve accomplished a lot, but end up paying for it in the end. The one in which Wednesday totally felt like Thursday, aka Friday Eve. And then you get mentally bunged up in the Space-Time Continuum and end up questioning everything you ever thought you knew.

And then you can’t stop spelling “Continuum.” And fall over a lot from the effort.

But. BUT. I finished Blood & Steam 2. And started Sweet Home #1, even though I still don’t have a first name for my protagonist. She is currently navigating rural Oklahoma as a series of questions marks, like Prince only more confused.

I also got together a Dread Synopsis for MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER, as some agents want one in addition to query and pages. So, 90K plus words distilled to 1,000. It wasn’t easy, y’all. It made me all o_O.

As though I don’t have enough to do, I restarted my Dragon Age: Inquisition game as an archer, specifically so I can play with my new gee-whiz-this-doodad-is-nifty toy, Fraps. This app allows me to film game play, so in an effort to decode Bioware’s amaze-balls storytelling I’m making and editing movies in episodic form for the game’s main storyline and companion quests, because Holy Cutscene, Batman!

I game on Friday nights anyway with my husband (same room, different games, amid much drinking and snarfing of epic snackery), so now I have a legitimate creative reason to do so. And I love adding new storytelling skills to my repetoire, because it helps me gain perspective in other areas.

I have the first act, or “Season” shot, and will start putting short episodes together shortly. I’ve already learned a lot, so feel fully justified in my gaming endeavors.

I don’t know what it is about me that makes me feel guilty for taking time off for myself, and it’s something I need to think about. There were no such things as mental health days when I was growing up, that’s for sure. I wasn’t allowed off school unless I was dead, dying, or expelling some sort of bodily fluid a la Poltergeist. I went to school with Appendicitis for a week before I ever saw a doctor.

And, for the record, I hated school.

I think, when I finally become a full-time author, I will no doubt feel vaguely guilty that I will be spending a significant part of my day in pjs, making stuff up for profit as well as fun. There’s something unnatural about it, at least in my psyche. Or self-indulgent, even. When I was getting ready to graduate high school (right at the burgeoning of Gen X), it was taken as rote by the adults in my life that I was going to hate my job, whatever it turned out to be. Because everyone hated their jobs, because that was life. (I was also supposed to go into massive debt to go to school, because everyone was in debt, also a part of life.)

And there was me, baffled, going “And you actually expect me to do this? WHY?!”

Misery loves company, I guess. So I shucked off going to college, and waited tables while I pursued experience in community and regional theatre. I became a dance teacher, which was awesome in some respects but not so much in others. And my folks kept nagging me to go to school and/or get a real job. I don’t respond well to being nagged, so I got a real job (in retail), and moved out. And it’s been “real” jobs ever since, with a lot of misery attached to almost all of them. But they gave me the financial room to pursue my craft, and the perspective to know that I don’t want in this lifetime. Because it’s the only one I’ve freaking GOT.

So a lot of internal monologue-ing this week, of the slightly tired and shagged out variety, following a prolonged bout of Getting Things Done.

But, hey–they got done, right? Right.


*passes out*

Project Insanity


Project Insanity is my mad scheme to publish one novella per month for the next FIVE years, beginning in 2016 (which means I have to draft like a crazy person NOW). Behold, as I apply lightning to The Monster of my Production Schedule, and probably fall flat on my face whilst so doing.

*dons fez*

*blows noisemaker*


The List (3Q2015):

The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle (Blood & Steam #2)

Sweet Home Oklahoma (Sweet Home #1)–IN PROGRESS

The Innovative Adventures of Lucia Carlisle (Blood & Steam #3)

Tess (Keepers of the Flame: Origins #4)

Untitled (Keepers of the Flame: Origins #5)


Sanity Check (August Edition):

  1. BLOOD & STEAM #2: In Revisions

 I ended up clocking in around 27,000 words on this one, but I have no idea what I have at this point. I’m pretty certain I got overly silly at some juncture, but that’s okay–Book 1 was pretty darn silly, too. I already know I’m going to have to expand some scenes, and go deeper into character with Becca and Avery.

So this one goes away for a bit to marinate in its own words while I switch gears and work on Other Things. I think there’s going to be a bonus Christmas story in this world starring the Head Engineer of the Icarus II, Ash. Because she is easily one of my favorite characters of the series.

  1. SWEET HOME #1: In Production

 You gotta love a heroine who throws her meager belongings into the back of a broken-down jeep and drives across country with her violin strapped in the passenger seat. Who she has named, and talks to. And blames for said jeep breaking down in the middle of Oklahoma.

But how sad is it the violin has a name, but not our intrepid heroine.

  1.  BLOOD & STEAM #3 In Pre-Production

Ash DEFINITELY needs her own story, but this isn’t it. This Lucia’s story, and I’m still in my initial research phase. Luckily, this book isn’t due out until the end of December, so I have time. Once I have a better idea of the parameters of the world I’m building here on the American side of the pond, I can dig deep into my Production notebook and start a list of Questions That Must Be Answered.

I might have to watch Deadwood again, just for the dialogue. I think I want a character who speaks in a poor man’s version of Shakespeare, like E.B. And/or a pseudo-but-not-really-villain like Al, who talks to a head in a box.

BONUS GOAL: Lose Some Dang Weight!

 So I think it’s my Wii-Fit who’s to blame for my seemingly yo-yoing weight stats, not me, because every time I check in I get the strangest results. Maybe I should start taking bets.

This week when I checked in, I was down -4.4 lbs and -0.78 BMI. I also bought a pair of good running shoes from Under Armour, so I can start tread-milling it and alternating my workouts (I do Zumba bare-foot, because I’ve always danced barefoot. I’m an odd bird in that, because my right side is shorter than my left side by 2-3 degrees, being barefoot makes me less clumsy and helps me adjust my center of gravity). Until the music stops, at which point I collapse like a broken marionette.)








2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Nameless and Confused (#amwriting, #ROW80)

  1. Donna F. says:

    Great post—very entertaining, plus lots of work done. Kudos on the Joss Whedon vid. I, too, am a fan.

    And congratulations on the truly insane project. No doubt you will accomplish way more than you otherwise would have. You are an inspiration. Now get some rest; you sound like you need it.

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