Author’s Log: When The Going Gets Tough…(#amwriting, #ROW80)

…The Tough Get Planning.

So I’m a couple of weeks behind on my Production Schedule due to Allergies and Other Reasons. However, my new schedule does give me a little leeway in case I need some catch up time, so I’m glad I planned ahead for that.

Still, September is going to be a busy, busy month, y’all. In anticipation of All The Crazy, with a Side Order of Sauce, I’ve recalibrated my goal tracking a bit to make it easier to keep a handle on everything (if not a straight jacket).

The Biggest News is that I’m planning on released Blood & Steam #2 at the end of the month. I’m deep, deep into revisions while also working on Cover Copy and finishing Cover Art. I’ve also done a new cover for the first book–as much as I likes the previous one, I don’t feel like it’s conveying the right message. The right message being “Steampunk Goodness all up in these here pages, yo.”

Plus, I sent MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER over to The Pinkest of Hammers (whom I am coming to refer to as the Pink Jedi of late) to see where I’m going wrong with the characters. Am highly anticipating her response, and much in the way of work when I receive it. *bites nails*

I’m scheduled to start drafting Sweet Home #1 on Monday. And I still need to work out an actual, er, plot to Blood & Steam #3. And then I have to get back to the Keepers of the Flame series. And I’m in the middle of a website refresh.

And and and…All the Things. You know how that goes.

Project Insanity (Sept 2015)

Project Insanity is my mad scheme to publish one novella per month for the next FIVE years, beginning in 2016 (which means I have to draft like a banshee NOW). Behold, as I apply lightning to The Monster of my Production Schedule, and probably fall flat on my face whilst so doing. Let the games begin!

*dons fez*

*blows noisemaker*


Blood & Steam #2: In Post-Production

Blood & Steam #3: In Pre-Production

Sweet  Home #1: Drafting

Keepers of the Flame #4: Begin Post-Production

Keepers of the Flame #5: Begin Pre-Production

Sanity Check


  1. Complete Blood & Steam #2: In Revision/Post Production

Act I revision pass is complete. Bring on Act II! Also, I’ve begun my initial designs for the cover art, and am jotting down ideas for the jacket copy/blurb.

2. Draft Sweet Home #1: Scheduled

I am plotted, outlined, and generally ready to go. My main character’s name changed (again), and I’ve tightened the story considerably. I have my scene list/story board. Bring on the draft! *flexes* *hurts self*

3. Begin Blood & Steam #3: Scheduled

I’m working on characters now. Lucia was easy, of course, as she’s already been introduced in previous books. And I think her best friend will be of Chinese extraction rather than her romantic interest. I think he’s going to be a studious engineer by the name of Henry. That sorta feels right to me.

4. Optimize! In Process

  • Redo Front/Back Matter and Cover Copy for Keepers: Origins
  • Finish new Cover Art for Waking Muse #2
  • Finish new Cover Art for Blood & Steam #1



3 thoughts on “Author’s Log: When The Going Gets Tough…(#amwriting, #ROW80)

  1. amyskennedy says:

    Um, you had me at, “Steampunk Goodness all up in these here pages, yo.” Ha! And, wonderful. I love “all the things” and think your novella a month for the NEXT FIVE YEARS an hysterically bow worthy goal! Holy sh*%t! And am sending you intense writing vibrations.

  2. Cindy says:

    “Steampunk Goodness all up in these pages, yo”, that should be a book title.:-)

    And to have a plan is a good thing. I am lucky to have next week planned out. 🙂 Glad to hear the process is moving forward. Sending you good vibes!!

  3. Denise D. Young says:

    A novella a month for five years is a really ambitious goal–but just think what a body of work you’ll have at the end of that five years. I love the challenge! Best of luck.

    “Steampunk goodness” sounds awesome. Book blurbs are hard. Writing them is one skill I’m still trying to master. 🙂

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