Author’s Log: Steamin’ Right Along (#amwriting, #ROW80)

GREAT GOOGLY-MOOGLY, Y’ALL! It’s been–(*dons accountant’s visor* *calculates badly*) a week in a half since last I updated. Yikes!! o_O

But. BUT. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. (Heh-heh. “Butt”.)


Blood & Steam #2 is now officially out in the wild. Like, on time and EVERYTHING. *proud*

I’m now slightly twitchy as I waft slowly down on the combination of dissipating caffeine fumes and abject relief, and am trying to remember how to breathe.

Things have been unbelievable, OMG busy busy busy at the day job, so maintaining a healthy diet and sleep schedule has been more than difficult. But now, hopefully, I should be back to normal.

For a given value of “normal”, of course.

The other news item is I got my edits back from The Pink Hammer (now re-monikered The Pink Jedi by moi) on THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER. So that will be my end-of-the-year bonus project, at which point I’ll start re-querying. And, if that doesn’t work, I’ll go ahead and self-pub that sumbisch.

Sweet Home #1 is staring at me like a puckish feline, waiting to be finished, but that’s not due to be released until early next year and I really REALLY need to get going on Blood & Steam #3.

Because December will be here before I know it. And then I’ll be RIGHT BACK where I was these last couple of weeks. And then someone’s gonna have to peel me from ceiling, and, well. We all know how that’s gonna go.

So this is me, staring down the twin barrels of 4th Quarter 2015, and something just went “click”.

Bring it on, 4th quarter. Bring it on.

*falls over*



1. Blood & Steam #3: Complete Pre-Production.

I’m STILL teasing out the story on this one, so I’m working through my workbook, figuring out my characters, and, thus, the plot. I want to start drafting on this ASAP.

2. Sweet Home #1: Finish Drafting.

This one fell by the way side a bit while I hacked and slashed my way through Blood & Steam 2, but now I can get back into it. So glad this one is planned out so extensively–hopefully I can rip through a rough draft fairly quickly.

3. Optimize!

I’ve slowly, but surely, been updating all my front/back matter, my website, and adding links for my newsletter as well as for leaving reviews. It’s slow-going, as I keep finding things to do better and update, but hopefully I’ll end up with a Scrivener template that will basically be a plug-and-play, write the story, revise/edit it, and upload it once the links are inserted.

Because boy-howdy is this a ton of work! *cross-eyed* *drool*

I’m also employing a service called Gumroad, so readers can download my books directly from my site.

So, what have you guys been up to while I’ve been on unofficial, whoopsy-haitus? Fill me in! 😀



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