Author’s Log: My Brain On Multi-Tasking (#ROW80, #amwriting)

It’s official: I’ve started drafting Blood & Steam 3.

*pauses for Mighty Cheer and relieved sighs of “FINALLY”*

Yeah, I know. Just imagine how it feels to be in my brain for more than a few seconds. It is Hamster Ball Roller Derby all up in here y’all. *ducks*

(Mental Note: Hamster Ball Roller Derby should totally be A Thing.)

Honestly, no one’s more excited than I am at this point, maybe not even my readers. Let’s hear it for Series Conclusion. I love the Carlisles and all, but my To Be Written queue is resembling a swaying Jenga tower more and more these days.

The other thing I worked on this week was a plot sketch/storyboard/outline for DRAGON’S HEART, in preparation for NANO next month. I’d like to see if I can get through the first half of a rough draft in November, and the second half in December. I’m also going to use this opportunity to solidify the process that’s actually working for me. I know I utilize a LOT of tools. I figure if I can work on Pre-Production items for even an hour a day, that will lead to writing better stories faster, and really get me into the groove. Especially now that 2015 is drawing to a close (and how the heck did THAT happen, I’d like to know?)

I’m ready for so much Win this quarter, guys. Organize! Optimize! And Other Things starting with “O”! As in OMG what did I DO to myself?!

Which brings us rather nicely to:


  1. Finish and release Blood & Steam 3: Drafting
    In Process! IN PROCESS!! ‘Nuff said, I think. 😀
  1. Revise and complete Keepers of the Flame 4: In Revision
    As soon as Blood & Steam 3 is well under way (rough draft completed, put away to cool for a week or two), I’ll get to this one. I have A Plan!
  1. Finish Keepers of the Flame: Origins 4: Deferred
    This one will come into play once Keepers 4 revisions are done. It should be ready in plenty of time to release next year. (Oh, hello, Hubris–nice to meet you.)

Bonus Things:

  1. Finish edits on THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER: Deferred
    This one is going to be my Holidays project, I think. (Hey, some people bake and give Martha Stewart a run for her money. I do Revisions and plan future novels. FOR FUN.)
  1. Complete a rough draft of DRAGON’S HEART: In Pre-Production
    Skipping through the plotting/outline process on this one. It’s nice to shift gears from Blood & Steam to this project, as this project’s been knocking around in my brain FOREVER. Like, back when I decided to take this whole writing gig more seriously than a hobby. Then MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER and Keepers of the Flame took up all my creative energy and DRAGON’S HEART got relegated to the trunk. I even finished a rough draft at some point, one so cumbersome even GRRM and Tolkien would have gone “Oh, I say. You are new at this, aren’t you?”
  1. Complete a rough draft of Sweet Home #1: In Process
    This one is still ticking away in my brain, all compartmentalized and such so it doesn’t get anything on it from my other projects. The dialogue is especially snappy in this one, so I’m having fun letting my characters runaround, being clever at one another. Those few moments when I’m not cross-eyed and drooling from All The Things is dedicated to getting a few hundreds words down, but it WILL be done well in advance of release early next year (Oh, look–it’s Hubris again. Fancy meet you here.)

Okay, your turn–hit any milestones this week? What are you looking forward to writing in the coming days?



One thought on “Author’s Log: My Brain On Multi-Tasking (#ROW80, #amwriting)

  1. Tammy J Rizzo says:

    Wow, you have a lot of books going and in process! I really need to try some other planning method, because my usual plantsing it just doesn’t really work.

    I’m doing reasonably well on my own goals, but wow, you’re really doing fantastic on yours! Way to go!

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