Author’s Log: It’s A Good Thing I Planned This (#ROW80, #amwriting)

*looks up blearily*


*shuffles mountain of paper, index cards, diagrams, etc*

Is it already time to check in again? It can’t be, can it?

It is?


Okay. What am I doing again? I know I was doing something.

*shuffles a bit more*

Oh. Right.

I was drafting Blood & Steam 3, which is going well. Exciting, really, to be wrapping up the series with the youngest of the Carlisle clan. I’m still in Act I, but I am making progress. No, really. Promise.

Oh, and I was also planning DRAGON’S HEART in anticipation of NANOWRIMO next month, during which I hope to get a rough cut of the first half in the can. And THAT’S going well.

And, um, I am WAY overdue in getting my newsletter(s) out, but that is on the docket for this week. And then there’s my Halloween promotion coming up, wherein both Blood and Steam 2 and Waking Muse 2 will be free on Amazon for the day. Because Halloween.

Thankfully, I have a week off from the day job because…what is that big, red circle and urgent arrows point at it from all directions? Oh. Because it’s my anniversary. My thirteenth wedding anniversary, to be precise.

Did I already say “Bugger”?

Um, let’s move on to the goals, shall we? Ahem.


1. Finish Blood & Steam #3: In Progress

Drafting! See?! *typeity-typeity*

2. Finish Keepers #4: Deferred

I’ve parsed all the chapters out into separate Evernote files, because when I print in Evernote it condenses the pages down to only a few so that the task seems more manageable, and fits neatly into a three-ring binder I can carry with me in my Bag of Holding.

3. Finish Keepers: Origins 4: Deferred

As I go through my first revision pass of Keepers 4, I’ll get down the bones of Tess’ origin story and work on getting it completed.

Which just might leave time for bonus goals:

1. Complete rough draft of DRAGON’S HEART: In Pre-Production

I’ve got my chapter list; now I’m parsing them out into scenes and, thus, a To-Do list.

2. Complete rough draft of Sweet Home #1: In Progress

I’m about at the 10% mark on this one, so I should have plenty of time before release in February to get this up to scratch. I’m really enjoying the characters and the story, so I think my readers will, too.

3. Finish edits on MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER: Deferred

This is slated for the Thanksgiving to New Year’s project, when I am imbibing enough wine and food to not mind very much. I’ll also be sending a fresh round of queries this week, because I am a glutton for punishment.

I think that’s everything. Pretty sure, anyway.

Did I remember to feed the cats?




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