Author’s Log: NANO Or Bust (#amwriting, ROW80, #NANO)

Behold! Stats!

Words Drafted: 13,194
Best Day: 4,007 (Thursday)
Avg Words/Day to Completion: 2,290
Days Drafted: 4/7
Total Words Drafted This Month: 31,489/75,000 (42%)

So I’m still (mostly) on track to complete my mammoth 75K word goal this month. As long as I just keep swimming, there’s no reason I can’t cross the finish line come November 30.

I did suffer a minor setback this week–namely The Return of Allergies (Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUUUNNNN!) I did a bunco day on Thursday, then on Friday I was Laid Low by the twin detours of Day Jobbery and Allergies. I had a horrible headache all day Friday, and was so tired I ended going to bed at around 8:00pm. I figured, hey–go to bed early, get up early, and get a jump on the day, right?


Oh, I was up early on Saturday. Because I was pulled out of a dead sleep by someone outside TALKING REALLY LOUD on their cell phone. Turned out that person was one of the maintenance guys, who then proceeded to bang and crash his ladder against the back end of our condo as though he had some personal grudge against stucco, freaking out my cats and generally making a ruckus. I thus spent the day aching dully in a semi-dark room and wincing at every noise. It seems my noise sensitivity is only getting worse the older I get. Joy.

In other, more positive news, I made some more minor tweaks to my 2016 production schedule that gave me yet MORE wiggle room, PLUS let me move up my release dates while remaining within the same month. This shrunk my process cycle down to 77 days per project–score!

So I’m down to 2 weeks for prep, 1 month for drafting, 3 weeks for post production shenanigans, and then release two weeks later–totally doable, once I’m back to one project/month, especially since I’ve proven I can draft 3K words/day fairly quickly with Write or Die.

The trick, as always, will be to know the story as much as possible ahead of time. And I’m WAY ahead of the game on some projects, which leaves me room to get caught up on others. And I’ve got that extra two weeks between wrapping a project and releasing it if I need a cushion.


*falls forward* ZZZZZZZZ….

So for the rest of 2015 all I really have to worry about is finishing and releasing Blood & Steam 3 and completing a (very) rough draft for DRAGON’S HEART.

In mid-December I’ll go back to drafting Sweet Home #1, and shortly I’ll dig into edits on MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER. Also in mid-December I’ll tackle post-production on Keepers 4.

So I’m in the Home Stretch. Which is pretty encouraging considering I don’t do sports. (Nerd Alert.)

The best part is that Fallout 4 came out this week, so the Tech Monkey has been glommed to his computer like an alien hatchling to an unsuspecting space marine’s face. Thus, our usual routine has opened up a bit so I have an extra few hours to get the words in. Otherwise, the time just seems to get away from me before I quite know what’s happening.

With that in mind, let’s do a goal check-in:


1. Finish drafting BLOOD & STEAM 3 (30k words): 52% Complete.

My hero and heroine have just been (hilariously) playing spy games on one another, because the bad guy has planted evidence from the previously mentioned hydrogen fire/explosion on both of them. Then Lucia got her Carlisle up (a state usually reserved for older sister Acacia), and purposely crashed her way through Henry’s window in a fine show of fury because she thinks he knows where her father is.

I’m going to have to go back to plant some things–like Chekov’s proverbial guns–but that’s usual when I’m drafting this fast. So I flag it, tag it, and will go back to bag it once I’m through the first draft. WRITE ON!

2. Finish drafting DRAGON’S HEART (90K words): 18% Complete

I’m a little over 15K in, out of 45K for this month’s NANO goal. So (*does math*) 1/3 of the way in.

Having spent three chapters setting up the storyline, conflict, and inciting incident on Main Character 1’s side of events, I’m now progressing on Main Character 2’s side as a result of what happened at the end of Chapter 2.

Erm. I think.

*flips through notes*

Ah, yes. Here we are.

I may end up flipping chapters around so that I have alternating POVs at least up to Plot Point 1 when we have our next major event, but for now the words are being written, which is the important thing.

3. Edit MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (90k words): Not started.

With all the adjustments I made to my Production Schedule, I now have some room to go through the Pink Hammer’s edits on this novel. I’ll review the Big Notes first, which are summarized, and then start taking the thing chapter by chapter. This is on my docket to begin this coming week, so we’ll see how it goes.

Looking Ahead:

Dec 4: Wrap Blood & Steam 3

Dec 18: Release (eep!) Blood & Steam 3
Go into Post-Production on Keepers 4
 Resume drafting Sweet Home 1

ROW80Logocopy Your turn, ROWers–how are your goals going so far this month? NANO giving you any problems?









3 thoughts on “Author’s Log: NANO Or Bust (#amwriting, ROW80, #NANO)

  1. Emily Witt says:

    Wow, I am really jealous of your schedule. I’m still figuring out how to best streamline my writing process.

    btw, I have your second Blood & Steam book on my Kindle, though I have to get through my library books before I get to it.

    1. Cate Morgan says:

      YAY! The B&S series has been really fun to write–I’m really gonna miss the Carlisle sisters when I’m done.

      I will say that when I get through a writing session I’m EXHAUSTED. But it’s worth it so see that word count climb. I feel like I’m eyeing my deadlines across the OK Corral. 🙂

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