HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Thanksgiving Giveaway (#freebooks)

Seeing as my kitchen is being taken over by a VERY large turkey (seriously, will that thing even fit in the oven? ANY oven?! Yikes!!) I figured I’d beat a hasty retreat and give away some books.

In other words, I’m here to give thanks to you, My Readers. Because Readers are, verily, The Awesome in the Cranberry Sauce. (Can you tell I’m hungry? Bring on the tryptophan!)

For Action & Adventure, Magic & Mayhem (because nothing says “Mayhem” like fighting over the last drumstick):


Need to catch up on the series? THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF ACACIA CARLISLE (Blood & Steam 1) is priced at $0.99 on Amazon this weekend!

For the Romance of New Beginnings (because wouldn’t it be more fun reading about someone ELSE cooking?):


Offer is good November 26-27.

Oh, hey, wait–have you already read these books? Or would you rather read one of my OTHER books instead?

Email me to let me know which book you’d rather have and I’ll place it delicately at your feet, Dear Reader. That is, as soon as I can bend over again. (Oof.)

Gobble Gobble!




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