Author’s Log: Fly By Posting (#amwriting, #ROW80, #nanowrimo)

Just a quick fly-by today, as everyone I know (including me) is at the tail end of NaNoWriMo. Also, here in the States it’s the long Thanksgiving weekend, so I’m using the welcome time off to catch up on my lagging word count.

*wrangles words*

*falls off horse*

*gets tangled in rope*


Words Drafted (Sun-Sat): 19,463
Best Day: 
4,422 (Sat)
Avg Words/Day to Goal:
Days Drafted:

So I’m probably going to be missing my goal, but I did end up drafting nearly 63k words this month anyway, so I call this a win. Write or Die stepped up my game, and it helped that things have slowed down a bit at the day job, leaving me with more mental energy than I’ve had for a long time. As you’re reading this on Sunday, I am no doubt madly typing away trying to get those last words in before the end of the day.

I’m still plowing through DRAGON’S HEART, and either this thing is going to be a bigger beast than anticipated, my story structure is out of whack, or there is going to be some incredibly judicious editing in my future. As in, dynamite may be needed. Because I am only now creeping up on my first plot point, rather than my midpoint, as I originally anticipated.

Unless this really IS the midpoint.



On Dec 1 I’ll begin revisions on Blood & Steam 3, so I can concentrate on drafting DRAGON’S HEART for the last of NaNoWriMo. I should have first-pass revisions done on my WRAP date of 12/4, but I should have a final polish well in hand before released on Dec 18.

Looking Ahead:

Dec 4:

WRAP Blood & Steam 3

Dec 18:

RELEASE (eep!) Blood & Steam 3
POST-PROD on Keepers 4
Resume Drafting Sweet Home #1




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