Author’s Log: Keep Calm And Breathe (#amwriting, #ROW80)



Words Drafted: 15,322
Best Day (Sun thru Sat): 6,362 (Sunday)
Average/Day to Goal: 3,125
Days Drafted: 5/7

Vera, vera busy this week. The first week of the month generally is for me, but this week I finished NaNoWriMo to the tune of close to 72k words. Then I nearly forgot to do my monthly post for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group, and had to scramble at the last minute to come up with something pithy and helpful.

And then, of course, there are still MOAR WERDS.

I’m deep into Revisions on Blood & Steam 3, because that’s going to come out in a couple of weeks, and DRAGON’S HEART isn’t showing any signs of getting shorter anytime soon. I keep coming up with World Building Kewl (TM) and having to go back and make note of where to introduce/back load the Kewl so it doesn’t come out of left field for the reader.

And then I keep dropping characters because there’s so much to keep up with, and making note of that just so I can keep pushing forward. Yikes!! o_O

So those are the two biggest things on my docket this week. The other thing I have to do is get a cover and cover copy for Keepers 4 together, so I can make a webpage, etc for it and put a link in the back matter of Blood & Steam 3.

*Sings Just Keep Swimming under breath*

I’m really excited about keeping up the momentum, however, because tired as I am, it’s a thrill to look at that November word count and think Holy Crap–I did that!!

And then feel slightly less chuffed knowing I now have to go back to Revise That.

I’m also looking forward to 2016, when I can really put my new Production Schedule to the test. Projeckt Insanity, HO!!

I’ll be starting and finishing two new series next year, and starting two more that will carry over in 2017. Plus, I’ll be making significant progress on Keepers of the Flame with (hopefully) four books published next year. Book 4 is more or less completed and will be coming out in January, and I know what Book 5 is, and have inklings about Book 6.

For the record “inklings” are those little goblins that run the vast, dusty, spider-webby card catalog full of Stuff in my brain, and occasionally make demands about more caffeine and words but especially caffeine. They keep the voices in my head under heel and do a horrible job of it because they don’t have enough caffeine. They breathe a sigh of relief whenever I finish a story, because then they have more room in The Cells (heh).

It’s gonna be a crazy year, y’all. BRING IT.



DRAGON’S HEART (In Production): 49,946/90,000=55% Complete

I have no idea what’s going on with the structure of this novel. My notes are telling me one thing, but the story is telling me Quite Another. So it seems the best thing I can do is go with it, take halfway decent notes along the way, and get to the end to see what it looks like from the other end. Perspective is everything in a case like this.

2. BLOOD & STEAM 3 (In Post-Production):

Revisions are, thus far, not going nearly as bad as I initially thought it might, but it’s early days yet. There are definitely some things I need to clarify/cleanup going on here. But I just went through one of my favorite scenes, and it still makes me happy, so YAY.

3. KEEPERS 4 (Pre-Production Cleanup):

Started on a Keepers 4 cover proof over the weekend. The background elements are pretty well set, however it’s the foreground (i.e., my character/”hero shot”) that’s giving me issues. So I put it away for now and will go back to it later this week with a fresh eye.

Looking Ahead:

DEC 18

RELEASE Blood & Steam 3
POST-PROD Keepers 4
IN-PROD Sweet Home 1





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