Author’s Log: A Much Needed Break (#amwriting, #ROW80)

So, not a lot of actual drafting happened this week, sadly. I think my brain needed a little rest from all the mad tyepity-typeity, so I mainly focused on revisions for Blood & Steam 3, since it’s coming out in less than a week and I need to get ARCs out sooner rather than later.

Not a big deal, since I’m (technically) ahead on drafting new words, and have an extra week this month to make up the difference. I should be able to get a lot done in the mornings the last week over Christmas/New Year’s, since I’ll be home from the Day Job. A cool 2500 words/day should do the trick to get me caught up which, as I learned during NANO, is about 90 minutes of work per writing session. I can manage that.

Honestly, after the Epic Crazy that was November, it was kind of nice to let the ol’ jets cool for a bit. Although, I’ve found that if I take one day off I’ll often take another, and another, and so on, until it gets harder for me to get started again.

So, simple goal: 2,500 words per day at ninety minutes.

I’m more or less through with content edits on Blood & Steam 3, and am into line edits. This means I’m into the tedious business of parsing the thing out into separate sentences and examining each one independently of the rest. Context edits are focused on story, while line edits are focused on language. At least, that’s how I look at it.

But at least I’m in the home stretch. *whew*


1. Draft DRAGON’S HEART: In Process.

I’m reaching a really difficult part of the story, now, wherein EVERYTHING CHANGES and I more or less clear the playing field. This is going to be a decidedly emotional writing stint, which probably explains my hesitation in drafting this week more than anything. But it needs to be done, so here am I, bucking myself up before the epic disaster.

2. Revise Blood & Steam #3: In Process.

Nearly done. I’ll do my final polish and upload the book to Amazon this week, right after I get the thing to the ARC list of my newsletter.

3. Finish Pre-Production on Keepers #4: In Process.

I’ve pretty well got a cover I can live with, but I’m still playing around and tweaking. Who was it that said art is never truly finished, but abandoned?

Looking Ahead:

DEC 18

IN PROD: Sweet Home 1
POST-PROD: Keepers 4
RELEASE: Blood & Steam 3



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