Author’s Log: Hiding From The Dread Internetz (#amwriting, #ROW80)

The new Star Wars movie came out on Friday.

So did the final installment of my Blood & Steam trilogy.


Um, yeah. Totally.

Sadly, I haven’t gotten to see it yet, so I’m taking brief Hiatus from the Dread Internetz in a vain attempt to avoid being spoiled. This may, or may not, involve me sticking my fingers in my ears and singing selections from Cthulhu: The Musical, which is apparently a lot like Cats only with Cultists and Great Old Ones.

So, yanno, fun for the whole family.

Thusly, this will be a quick Goals update before I duck back into my rabbit hole.


1. Draft Sweet Home #1: In Progress.

2,500 words a day should keep the deadlines at bay, I’m thinking. And the faster I draft, the more time I have to get everything into shape.

2. Revise Keepers #4: In Progress.

This one is due for release toward the end of January, so in addition to Revisions and Editing, I need to finish up my cover and write a cover blurb.

3. Finish drafting DRAGON’S HEART: In Progress.

I took a break from this one is order to get Blood & Steam 3 out the door, so now that’s off my plate I can return my attention to finishing this up. I’m hoping to have this done by the end of the year.

Looking Ahead:


RELIANCE 1: Pre-Production

JAN 22

KEEPERS 4: Release
SWEET HOME 1: Post-Production
RELIANCE 1: In Production




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