HAPPY FESTIVUS! Book Giveaway (#freebooks)

Merry Christmas, Keepers!

Ah, Florida. Nothing says “Christmas” like…like…um, palm trees. And gators wandering the golf course behind our condo complex. Oh, look–they’re chasing the UPS delivery guy!

Ahem. Anyway.

Books! Yes! FREE BOOKS! December 26-27 only!

For Action & Adventure, Magic & Mayhem (because not everyone has gators in their backyard):


Need to catch up on the series? The Amazing Adventures of Acacia Carlisle (Blood & Steam #1) is currently on sale for $0.99!

For the Romance of New Beginnings (because, once in awhile, it’s nice when SOMEONE ELSE cooks):HEARTH

Oh, hey, wait–have you already read these books? Or would you rather read one of my OTHER books instead?

Email me to let me know which book you’d rather have instead and I’ll leave it in your stocking (hey, what’s that coal doing here?).


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