Author’s Log: The More You Know (#amwriting, #ROW80)

This week, I was type-type-typing away on Sweet Home #1, and I experienced a minor epiphany.

I’ve been really enjoying this story (the banter is extra-bantery, for some reason, so the dialogue has been a BLAST to write), when my Infernal Editor reared his horns in my direction.

I know I make him sound like an evil little bastard, and a lot of the time he is. But occasionally, every once in a Blue Moon (and sometimes not even then), he comes in handy.

There was something wrong with my story, though I couldn’t put my finger on it. Fortunately, my Infernal Editor has two horns, and he had no trouble spearing the issue.

My heroine was too perfect. She has a sensible head on her shoulders, though she’s a mite quirky and given to mischief when the occasion calls for it. For someone who was adopted by older parents, she’s got little to no angst about it (because angst simply isn’t in her DNA). She knows what she wants, and has no problems going about getting it.

But, fun as she is, she needed more than just a few quirks and pranks up her sleeves. She needed, when you come right down to it, a flaw.



So I turned one of her assets–her Olympic-level ability to banter–into a potential downfall. In short, I gave her a Mouth with a capital OW, and a struggle for reining it in. She speaks her mind, even when she perhaps shouldn’t. Because Consequences.

All of a sudden her character started to shift a little for me. Instead of being happy and bantery ALL THE TIME, when she settles down a bit she begins to reveal another level to her character. And it’s my hero’s task to draw that out, little by little, on behalf of the reader. And suddenly she has a reason for maybe wanting to stay in Small Town, OK.

Now I’ve got a story that’s not only fun, and funny, but also works on a deeper level. And I like it all the better because of it. Because now my protagonist is believable, as well as likable.

And now, on to:



1. Complete Production on Sweet Home #1.

Getting closer by the moment…I have a cover proof, which I plan on tweaking and releasing later this week. I have to rewrite a scene from my heroine’s POV, and I got to write a scene sequence I’ve been looking forward to ever since I got the idea for this story. It’s a hilarious scene in which my hero is in church while my heroine is complaining to him via text about the boisterous couple in the hotel room next door, and her subsequent eviction.

2. Start drafting Reliance #1.

SO EXCITED to be starting this one. I should be able start next week, if all goes well. I’ve begun gathering ideas for the cover, which just makes me more happy.

3. Begin Pre-Production on Keepers 5.

I started my notebook on this piece this week, meaning character profiles and such. I’ve got my Keeper (who doesn’t have a name yet), my hero (who is adequately monikered), and a fair idea for an antagonist. The idea is to let this one percolate as much as possible before getting the story beats down.


That’s all for me this week! How about you guys–what are you excited to write in the coming round?


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