Author’s Log: It’s A Wrap! (#amwriting, #ROW80)

Well, that took longer than I thought it would. Yikes! o.O

If I’ve been scarce around the old blogosphere, it’s because I’ve been fighting to get Sweet Home 1 out in the wild. I’m several weeks behind where I anticipated I’d be, but progress has still been had, so YAY!

I’ve been sooper-oober-doober busy (yes, that is totally valid measurement what metric system shut up) at the Day Job, which of course means my mental energy (not to mention mental acuity) tends to suffer. I’ve been tired, y’all.

The good news is that I’ve been sleeping a bit better of late, as I’ve discovered that while hot coffee is out of the question for my health issues, iced coffee seems to be okay. So now my sleep cycles seem to have righted themselves.


In Other News, there may or may not be a buyout over at my publisher (for those playing along at home, Samhain Publishing recently announced they were closing their doors, drawing me into a whole pile of WTH?). No news yet, except to stay tuned. I’ll probably try to get my rights back for the first three books of Keepers of the Flame, but in the meantime it’s a game of Wait and See, which is not unlike Hide and Seek.

In OTHER other news, I’ll be a guest co-host of the Self-Publishing Roundtable’s Sunday news roundup on Blab today! HUZZAH!

So that’s today, March 13 at 5:00 EST. Be there, or be a balanced pair of right angles.

If you end up missing it, however, don’t worry–I’ll post a YouTube link once it becomes available.



1. COMPLETE AND RELEASE Sweet Home 1: Wrapping up post-production as we speak. I anticipate releasing this one into the wild on or about March 19.

2. COMPLETE Reliance 1:  I’m going to begin drafting this week. My Writer’s Lab notebook on this is pretty well complete, and I’m thoroughly outlined and as ready to go as I’m going to be. I’ve started working on cover proofs as a way keep me excited on the project, and therefore keep my progress steady. I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for awhile.

3. COMPLETE PRE-PRODUCTION Keepers 5: In order to catch up on my production schedule I need to be able to hit the ground running on this one pretty hard. It’s time to start pulling things out of the Creative Brain Ether and work on making them more tangible. Hey, look–I’m a Story Alchemist! BOOM!!

Heh-heh. 😀


How about you guys? How’s your first quarter of 2016 going?


4 thoughts on “Author’s Log: It’s A Wrap! (#amwriting, #ROW80)

  1. shanjeniah says:

    It’s going well for me, but, like you, not as quickly as I might have hoped. Good things take time…

    I hope all works out with your publisher, and that it’s painless for you.

    Happy spring, Cate!

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