Author’s Log: Better Late Than Never (#amwriting, #ROW80)

I’m a little late getting this up today, but seeing as its Easter I didn’t you’d mind too much. 🙂

Didn’t get a ton of drafting done this week, as I was busy getting Sweet Home Oklahoma up and running. We are now officially In The Wild–HUZZAH!!

As some of you are probably aware, my background is in music and theatre. In the last Many Years, however, I’ve been a bit too busy to keep up on Broadway shows. And then when Disney started putting their shows up on the boards, I was all “meh”. I love me some Wicked and Book of Mormon, mind you, but, yanno, Writing and Life happened. Mostly Life. And I haven’t been truly blown away by a show since Rent, soooo…

That all changed this week when I discovered Hamilton.

For those of you as late to the party as I am, Hamilton is the most popular ticket on Broadway right now. It’s a musical based on the life and times of Alexander Hamilton (as in the Founding Father and first Secretary of the Treasury). And the music is centered on Hip-Hop.

It is, in fact, a Hip-Hopera. Ahem.

*takes a bow*

These are two things that should probably never have gone together: Early American politics and Hip Hop. It is, however, executed PERFECTLY.

Never mind that the Founding Fathers and assorted individuals are played by a widely diverse cast. Never mind these are the same issues we are debating today. (Move over, Schoolhouse Rock.)

All you need to know is that the storytelling is amazing, and the music is BRILLIANT. And addictive.

Did I mention I’m obsessed? I’m totally obsessed.


*transforms into Gollum*

Every writer should be listening to this soundtrack, and not just because the lyrics are amazing. But because of Alexander Hamilton’s crazy-sauce drive and work ethic, and how he used words to change the world.

The fact that the cast is singing in dancing Hip Hop in period costume is only a bonus. Seriously. Here, take a looksee:

The ginormous nerd in me would Squee! but it’s too busy singing along and pretending it can still dance.



Finish Drafting RELIANCE 1: In Progress

Now that Sweet Home #1 is off my plate, and I can turn the majority of my focus onto finishing this one up. I expect to have a rough draft completed early on in April.

Finish Pre-Production on KEEPERS 5: In Progress

This one is coming together nicely. Other than one or two tidbits that are eluding me at the moment, I know pretty much everything I need to know to get this story done.


Happy Easter, everyone! How’s the writing going for you? What’s inspired you lately?



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