Author’s Log: New Beginnings (#ROW80, #amwriting)

Welp, spring is officially here. For Florida this generally means my black car has turned a mildly disturbing shade of yellow overnight and my allergies are no doubt lying in wait just around the corner.

Last quarter wasn’t quite as productive as I might have hoped, but I still managed to get out two books in the space of three months, so I’ll take it as a win. And even though I’m about a month off my initial Production Schedule, I’m well into my Sci-Fi Western Reliance. I anticipate no problems releasing the book later this month.

This one’s going fairly quickly, so I’m hoping to have a rough draft ready for editing before too much longer. I also finally managed to put together a cover proof I like, so I’ll get what will (probably) be the final proof done this week. Huzzah!

*falls over*


Goal Roundup:

1. Complete and Release Reliance #1. On target/In Production.

2. Complete and Release Keepers #5. In Pre-Production.

3. Complete and Release Sweet Home #2. Deferred. Once I begin production on Keepers 5 I’ll open the book (heh) on this one.



1. Complete and Release Reliance 1. (Currently drafting.)

2. Complete Pre-Production and begin drafting on Keepers 5. (More or less done, but I still need to slay one or two dragons wherever they be.)

3. Begin Pre-Production on Sweet Home #2. 


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