In Which We Have News and Things and Stuff (#booknews)

So. You may (or may not) have been wondering what’s been going on with Keepers of the Flame #5.

There have been delays, no doubt. For good reason,  though. Promise.

A Thing has been happening.

(Actually, SEVERAL things have been happening, so let me channel my inner Inigo Montoya and sum up as best I can.)

For those of you keeping (ha) score at home, the publisher of the first three books in the series announced last year that it was closing its doors. This was followed by an extended period of will-they-won’t-they when it looked like the day might be saved. Alas, nothing panned out in the end.

So Feb 28 was sad day when Samhain Publishing went dark. My rights officially reverted on March 1.

But do not despair, fellow Keepers! For I have spent the intervening time hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Because this is the nature of the business. And it is, in the end, a business.

So I have been diligently rebranding the series. This means (eek) All! New!! COVERS!!!

And obviously other things, but covers is the thing I’m most excited about. Squee!

My goal is to get all three books and associated Origin stories updated and re-released by the end of the month. This will be followed by an update on Keepers 4 and the subsequent rapid-fire release of Keepers 5. So expect to hear updates from me throughout the next several weeks as I start pushing these out the gate. Because Whoa, Nellie. o_O

So I have been frantic and excited and desperate to tell y’all for MONTHS, now. Because OMG NEWS. And Things and Stuff, but mainly NEWS.




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