Cate Morgan (thass me) is a proud author of Samhain Publishing, Ltd where the first three books of her apocalyptic fantasy series Keepers of the Flame has been foisted on an unsuspecting public. She is also an enthusiastic and unapologetic self-pubber, because she has to get the voices of her head somehow.

She lives with her long-suffering, if supportive, husband who ensures she has a working computer at all times and occassionally slides a tray of food into her Fortress of Solitude, just to be sure. They are owned/bossed around/in the power of two felines, who are known best by their secret identities of Thing One and Thing Two, but also collectively as the Ninja Katz.

When not writing she can be found reading, designing cover art, gaming, mainlining Netflix, and pretending she’s a rock violinist.


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