BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers #2)

One chance for survival, and everyone’s rolling the dice. Even the gods.

Callie Trevelyan, Keeper of the Flame, has a reputation as a highly effective demon hunter. So the SOS from New Orleans isn’t a surprise. What is? The news her mentor has been murdered. Keepers are nearly impossible to kill, and Callie has the scars to prove it. But it seems her partner in the hunt for the murderer is Marked, like her, as a champion.

In two centuries of protecting Crescent City from supernatural threats and answering the occasional summons of the Loa, Liam Byrne thought he’d seen everything—until Callie and her crew take over his life. Their hunt for the demonic killer leads them on a Crossroads journey of betrayals, Otherworld intrigue and, eventually, to each other.

But the Demon patiently awaits Callie’s arrival on the battlefield. She’s ready and willing, but there’s just one problem: Brighid’s Flame, the source of her power, is every bit as missing as Eva’s soul. And as the full truth unfolds, Callie realizes she’s in for the fight of her life.

Winning will only cost her everything.

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