Sweet Home Louisiana (Sweet Home #2)

louisianaWhen Deputy U.S. Marshal Jack Williams is temporarily reassigned to the Baton Rouge office, he knows it’s only a matter of time before his past with the Caine family of petty criminals comes back to haunt him. What he isn’t expecting is to play guardian to Nicki Payne, the Chief Deputy’s niece and daughter of a notorious con man.

Getting involved with her? An all around terrible idea. But he just can’t seem to help himself. She’s as compelling as she is crazy.

For her part, Nicki knows her own history with the Caines makes returning home a risky endeavor. To make matters worse, they’re now the targets of a special task force involving the illegal prescription drug trade, and one of them holds a badge.

All things considered, it’s a really bad time to find herself crushing on the Deputy Marshal looking after her safety. But that’s never stopped her before.





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